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Saas Inventory

SAAS Inventory control is a continuous process of tracking and managing your inventory. To properly manage

your inventory you need complete knowledge of the products in the inventory, their quantities and the lead times required

for each product. The objective of ELifeIndia ERP is inventory control module is to maximize your profits while maintaining

customer service.

Item Control :  The item control feature is the backbone of the ERP package of ELifeIndia. This feature helps you to add,

edit and view the complete information about your items / products that will be used all throughout the ERP and CRM

modules of ELifeIndia. The centralized item control feature helps in getting all the information about your company's items /

products at a centralized location.

Inventory Adjustment & Adjustment History :  ELifeIndia ERP lets you adjust the items in your inventory manually.

You can adjust the quantities of items that are in hand (QOH) and available to promise (ATP) in your differentwarehouses

from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Replenishment Warnings :  ELifeIndia ERP lets you set alerts for items that need replenishment. You can set

thereplenishment rule in the item control module and when the item requires replenishment, you will automaticallyreceive

an alert. This improves the agility of your business and helps you to have enough stock in your warehousesto meet your

customer’s requirements.

Multi-location Warehouse Management :  ELifeIndia ERP enables you to manage inventory in multiple locations.

Youcan choose a warehouse location that will receive or fulfill an order once it is received. Detailed reports allow youto

view information about your total inventory on hand, or just the inventory level at a specific warehouse. Thedetailed

warehouse layout management feature of ELifeIndia ERP helps you locate the items in your warehouse veryeasily.

UOM Management :  You can manage multiple units of measure (UOM) for selling, buying, and costing each itemin your

inventory. Additionally, the UOMs can be categorized into different categories that help in streamliningmultiple units of


Supplier Management : ELifeIndia ERP helps you manage your supplier records and supply history. This

providesinformation that is crucial to your supplier relations, including purchase orders, accounts payable data, and

othercrucial data.

Lot Management : ELifeIndia ERP maintains a complete history for each lot number in the inventory managementmodule.

Complete information about each lot in the inventory is maintained throughout the entire product life cycle.

Product Expiration & Shelf Life : You can assign an expiration date to each item and enter its shelf life. This

is especially useful if you deal with seasonal products. You can even set up a warning to let you know when an itemis

about to expire. You will receive an alert in this regard.

Serialized Inventory : The serialized inventory component of ELifeIndia ERP allows replenishment of stock to be full

proof and without error. Your company's planning and scheduling becomes much simpler because you knowexactly the

number of specific items that are available and how many more you will need to store in your warehouse.

Reorder Point Tracking : The Reorder Point (ROP) tracking feature of ELifeIndia ERP helps you to plan when a

replenishment transaction should take place. This tool can be used as a guideline for ordering replenishments for your


Demand Based Inventory Replenishment : ELifeIndia ERP helps you to control your inventory replenishment

andensures that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, yet carry minimum excess stock. You can

alwaysmodify the replenishment calculations for individual items, to handle unusual circumstances as and when


SaaS Features

  • Zero investment on CAPEX
  • ZERO investment on additional IT
  • Get the solution for prices as low as Rs 1500/- per user per month
  • Get your ERP up and running in weeks
  • Enjoy its ease of use
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Scale as you grow
  • Experience its robust security
  • No investment on maintenance


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